Mami Chan Did Nothing Wrong!

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Mami Chan was right to dump kazuya as their relationship was not healthy!

On social media, mami chan is getting a lot of criticism because she dumped our MC and acted rudely towards chizuru chan. Although mami chan personality is not the most likeable but she should not be criticized for leaving kazuya.

We know that Kazuya still has feelings for Mami chan, as he still does lewd things thinking about Mami Chan. That is a very unhealthy behaviour

By breaking up with Kazuya, Mami chan actually helped him as our MC needed character development. Kazuya needs to stand for himself more and in the recent episodes, we have seen kazuya personality changing for the better. It is all thanks to Mami Chan that Kazuya is becoming more and more likeable day by day.

4 thoughts on “Mami Chan Did Nothing Wrong!

  1. You keep ignoring how manipulative she is to someone she doesnt wanna be with if she dont like him leave him and chizuru alone but no she gotta be in control trash she id everything wrong thats the only thing she didnt do wrong

  2. Okayyyyyy, the main reason people do not like Mami Chan is because of how she acts when she finds out he has a girlfriend. So, get that straight. Yeah Mc-Chan is a loser and deserved to be dumped. Yes, that helped his personal growth.


  3. Spoilers ahead

    Sorry but that is on the surface level. True that mami breaking up with kazuya caused the series of events to happen in the first place but the problem is that mami doesn’t want to accept that kazuya is trying to move on. This is evident with mami only acting cute and nice when kazuya is around but, a soon a he leave’s the picture she turns into a yandere of sorts. As she is constantly harassing the other girls questioning their relationship with kazuya. And kazuya only gets flustered and nervous around mami because she is the ex. But this does not justify mami’s actions.

    Major Spoiler for those who haven’t read around chapters 50 – 100

    Mami confronts chizuru in an attempt to get chizuru to break up with kazuya. She went as far as to book chizuru for a date and pestered her about what relationship she has with kazuya. After the date chizuru told mami that kazuya still has feelings for her, which are later replaced with feelings for chizuru, and asks if she feels the same, to which mami replies so what. She is then confronted by ruka who made it clear that kazuya is no longer interested in her. This causes mami to flee. And later she tries to stalk kazuya through his family stores twitter account, which is managed by his grandmother, in a clear attempt to ruin kazuya, chizuru and ruka in the eyes of his family.

    This may be further addressed in later chapters as mami has not made an appearance for more than 50 chapters. But this does not validate her actions nor that kazuya had an unhealthy relationship with her. As in the times where their relationship has been addressed it was stated that they merely went on dates and nothing more thus falsifying the stament that he had only lewd thoughts for mami. Also in the first few chapters of the manga we are able to see mami’s twitter where she posts things like how she is with someone new and how she has gone further than she ever did with kazuya so his lewd thoughts only spurred from reading this. And it is shown countless times that no matter how lewd kazuya’s mind is he would always treat the girls with respect and prioritizes them above all. It is shown that he is able to form great bonds with others as shown with sumi and ruka who kazuya only met from a friend of a friend situation. None of this entails that mami was in an unhealthy relationship with kazuya but rather that mami did not give kazuya enough time to express himself and I’m if she gave him the chance that the other girls did things would have ended differently. But, no matter what I say it remains clear that you do not understand the manga and anime enough to realize what was really going on and that mami products not selling is routed deeply into how her character was made and how the audience saw this in comparison to the other girls

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