Fans Are Not Happy With Mappa Studio Because of How Levi’s Nose Is Portrayed

Credit: Studio MAPPA, Wit Studio

Hajime Isayama’s masterpiece manga is in its final arc, with final season announced to release on December 7, fans are hyped and are always looking for every minor information they can get about the last season.

Couple of days before, Mappa Studio released a new key visual for the final season and fans noticed that there is something different about how levi and others are depicted.

It is understandable that with change of studios, style of animation will change and fans were ready for that but change is so huge that some fans raised concern on social media, particularly about how much levi and hanji’s nose structure was changed

Here is how some of the fans reacted:   

One fan wrote on twitter “Hanji lost half a nose while Levi’s got twice as bigger

Another fan wrote “We want to change levi’s nose, its so bad. Look at two pictures, there is a huge difference. Even mikasa became ugly

Another fan commented “Ima be very real, I’m happy ab the KV it’s nice to see some more stuff on s4 but I’m going to be very picky and say they did Hange and Levi wrong. Levi’s nose is too big and Hange’s face is pushed in?? Hange’s nose bridge doesn’t curve inwards like that I hope they fix it

Some Fans also came to the rescue of Studio Mappa

Credit: Studio Mappa

One fan tweeted “uhm.. people are complaining about levi’s nose when it looks exactly like his manga nose? hange’s i understand, but levi’s?

Another fan said “Levi’s nose is just as it has always been, stop complaining, this is really hard to make and they did a really good job with it

Long Story short for Manga readers, this is not a big issue, as it is true that Mappa Studio art is more similar to how Isayama sensei draw characters in manga (at least for Levi but not hanji) but for anime only fans, this will be a huge change.

2 thoughts on “Fans Are Not Happy With Mappa Studio Because of How Levi’s Nose Is Portrayed

  1. Really? All you care about are noses? not even the story? the animation? Jujutsu Kaisen is animated by MAPPA and it has great animations too. Isayama worked hard to make a good story which he did, but why is the other side of the fandom care about nosees?

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