Act-Age Manga Author Admits To Indecent Act Charge

Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump

Author of Weekly Shonen Jump popular manga “Act-Age” was accused of indecent acts against a middle school girl on the street. On Nov 24, first trial of the court was held and author Tatsuya Matsuki admitted to the charges.

28 Year old Tatsuya Matsuki approached a 14 year old middle school girl on a bicycle and touched her body inappropriately. The girl went to police after that police analyzed the security camera footage. Tatsuya Matsuki was also found to be doing indecent act with another girl just an hour before this incident occured. On August 8, Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested.

When judge asked about his motives behind these acts, Tatsuya Matsuki said that he had multiple worries and anxities but he could not say it, and he was desperate. He also said that he has done something for which he can not apologize to the victim.f

Prosecutor wants him to serve one year and six months in prison while the defendant lawyer appealed for a minimum sentence. If the defendant lawyer appealed is approved, Tatsuya Matsuki will not go to prison. The final verdict will be announced on Dec 23, 2020.

Act-Age manga is written and illustrated by Tatsuya Matsuki. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since January 2018. After this incident, Weekly Shonen Jump announced that serialization of the manga is cancelled. According to the sources, distribution and sale of physical and digital manga copies are also ceased. Upcoming stage play of the Act-Age was also cancelled.

Source: NHK Via ANN

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