Shutting Down Pirate Websites Is A Good Thing For Anime Industry

Picture Credit: Google

It is a difficult but necessary change to support struggling creator’s and animators.
How many us know that Anime like One Punch Man, The God of Highschool, Millionaire Detective and many more are available on YouTube, free to watch. 
Do you know the reason why many people don’t know official YouTube channels like ‘Muse Asia’ and ‘Ani One’, because pirate sites are so easily accessible that people even don’t bother looking for official ways to watch anime.
We covered a story about a struggling animator, who was working 8 hours a day but was earning less than what a school student makes, working as a part-time.
Now that Anime is slowly moving to YouTube (New channel ‘Animelog’ announced by Toei Animation and other big studios), it is time that we look for official ways to watch anime and support the anime industry, so that creators and animators would get equal compensation for thier hardwork

Japan government have listened to the struggling animators and have approved a law, which will give authority to publishers and license holders to go after the people who distribute pirate content. This law will take effect on January 2021 and more pirate site will be going down as a result of this law.

Most of the anime fans are teenagers who can not pay for premium streaming services, this will be a devastating blow for those fans. Anime industry should keep in mind that not all the fans are in a position to afford paying for anime. Fans are demanding that there should be a streaming service like youtube, where fans can watch anime as well as support the anime industry through ads.

Although there exist such services like crunchyroll, where you can watch anime for free but most of their content is not global due to licencing issues, that is why fans who even pay for these premium streaming services end up pirating some of the anime. We hope that these streaming services will look into this matter and will resolve this issue as soon as possible