No More Free Anime On Facebook

Facebook just started taking down anime pages that posted full anime episodes!
Big anime pages which were illegally uploading complete anime episodes are being taken down with copyright strikes. 
Wave of banning piracy didn’t end with only KissAnime, as many big pages like AnimeXC****, AniM**, Ani** and many more, which had a huge catalogue of illegal anime uploads were taken down. 
AnimeXchief, which had more than 500k followers on the facebook, was taken down two days ago. After that many other pages like AniMeow, AniPh and Shonen, which had a huge library of full anime episodes uploaded on facebook were taken down.

One of the Admin of these pages told us that they recieve copyright strike from Sony Entertainment, which holds the distribution rights of many popular anime including bleach.
This is not a drill, Facebook is taking really strict action against piracy. Repeat offenders, who continuously upload illegal anime episodes will be banned from using Facebook. 

Remember that facebook will delete an account, if it repeatedly violates their community standards (including sharing/uploading content which you do not own) or even worse, you will be banned from facebook for lifetime.
Stay Safe, Stay Away from Piracy