Is Kazuya Really That Bad?

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Opinion: We Saw How Much Kazuya is horny and pitiful initially but!
With the release of RENT-A-GIRLFRIEND anime, there has been lot of hate towards kazuya going around. I will try to explain why he is better than what most people think.

People say that he is horny, pathetic, loser and immature. It is true and there is nothing wrong with that. The story wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t have that problems, he won’t have any need to rent a girlfriend if he wasn’t a loner.

Another thing that people complain about is why Kazuya is so horny for Mami chan. Just imagine yourself at that stage, you by any chance landed a hot girlfriend and than it’s over in an instant. Won’t you do stupid things to get her back? 
In latest episodes, we see he is trying to be better. He knows, he is not good at things but still he tries to push forward for chizuru sake. 

What do you think about Kazuya’s character?

One thought on “Is Kazuya Really That Bad?

  1. it is true that the character is not perfect and he has many flaws but in reality this is what makes the story of the manga move forward and also if mami does not leave her, then he does not deserve the title RENT A GIRLFRIEND

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