Iconic Arcade Akihabara Sega 2nd Building Officialy Closed

After 17 years of operation, akihabara sega 2nd building officialy closed down on 30th august. Staff of the arcade came out of the building in closing hour and thanked the people for supporting them for all these years.

Formerly known as akihabara gigo, akihabara sega 2nd building was a historical landmark as it has witness how akihabara changed over the 17 years. Fans were heartbroken and shocked, as many of them gathered around the building in final hours. Staff of arcade came out and bow down to the fans as a token of appreciation for all the support.

Sega did not give an official statement as to why this arcade was closing down but fans are speculating that due to ongoing pandemic, business was not doing well. Some fans are still hopeful that this closing will be temporary and arcade might open once again after the pandemic.

It may not have been the best sega arcade in akihabara, but it is safe to say that akihabara will look different without it.
Here are some pictures from the final moment of akihabara sega 2nd buildinig closing.

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