Attack on Titan Committee Cancels “Arm Band” Product & Apologises

On Nov 14, Attack on Titan production committee announced a new product titled “Marley’s Armband”, however, just after 1 day of the announcement, the product was cancelled.

Marley’s Armband merch was priced at 5,500 yen ($50 US), and the order period was suppose to be open on November 15 to December 3rd. After 1 day, the production committee realized that this product might be a mistake, as it is kinda racial discrimination.

In case you don’t know, In Attack on Titan series, armbands are worn by Eldian race living in Marley. These armbands were used to racially discriminate Eldian people from the rest of the world.

On Nov 15, the Armband product was cancelled, and the Attack on Titan production committee publicly apologized. Here is what they said in public apology:

“The armbands that are being made, reproduces the character costumes of Attack on Titan characters. However, these symbols are racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination. We recognize that it was a lack of consideration that this product was easily commercialized. We are very sorry.

The Attack on Titan production committee does not intend to acknowledge any discrimination. Therefore, we will cancel all the orders and sales of the product. Everyone, who has already applied to products, we deeply apologize. In the future, we will be extra careful”

Source: Twitter

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