Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date Confirmed

Attack on Titan Season 4 release date is December 7, 2020, as announced by NHK in thier press release.

NHK on wednesday, September 23rd have confirmed that the final season of Attack on Titan will be premiering on December 7, 2020. Previously NHK has removed a released date of attack on titan on their website, which was there for one year. Fans were afraid that final season might be postponed to next year as there was no news for a very long time. Also, manga reader know that upcoming arcs have a lot of action and require solid animation to justify their epicness so it would not be a surprise to manga readers if final season was delayed.

Final Season will be available on Crunchyroll with subtitles. Series also will be available on Funimation with subtitles and dub as well. Fans have great expectations from Mappa Studio who is animating final season of the attack on titan while previous 3 seasons were produced by Wit Studio, who had done a fabulous job with the animation.

First three seasons of attack on titan were produced by Wit Studio, who had done an amazing job with animation. Attack on Titan manga popularity skyrocketed after first season was premiered. Later, Wit Studio apologize from producing season 4 as they said that they can not animate final season in short time. Fans are thankful to Stuido Mappa for animating the final season.

Hajime Isayama’s master piece manga’s anime adaptation is getting a final season premiere on december 7th. As the author have already announced that manga is close to ending with only few chapters left. Fans were looking forward to final season release date and finally NHK have revealed the premiere date.

There is also rumours about new key visual or new trailer dropping soon. Stay tuned for that.

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