My Hero Academia Changes Momo’s Controversial Suit In New Game

My Hero Academia has become one of the best selling franchise all over the world. Especially in United States and Europe, series has seen a tremendous success.

Because the series is so popular, it often comes under criticism for small things. For example, previously, My Hero Academia has been criticized for Mineta’s pervert behavior and Momo’s controversial clothes. According to some fans. Momo’s costume design show too much skin. “Momo” is a 16 year old high school student and still consider a minor in many parts of the world. Due to this, many anime fans have often requested to change that design.

The image in question is from latest My Hero Academia mobile game promo. Keep in mind that the game is exclusive to Japan for now. To possibly avoid all the controversies regarding the costume, it looks like game developers have changed Momo’s suit to look more appropriate for a wider audience.

As can be seen from the image comparison, Momo’s game design looks similar to anime design, but it shows less skin compared to the anime.

According to some My Hero Academia fans, this is a good change as it was pretty hard to cosplay Momo in anime costume.

It is to be noted that Game Developers most likely change this suit design because Google App store and IOS store are strict on the policies of Adult content. Game officials probably wanted to avoid any kind of violation for adult content so they choose the safer option to change the suit design.

In case you don’t know, Momo has the quirk of “Creation” which gives her ability to create any kind of thing from her exposed skin. She can transform the molecular structure of her fat cells to anything she desires. Given the fact that Momo’s quirk does not allow her to cover her whole body, this new costume design will definitely hinder her performance in battle.

Source: Reddit

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