Naruto’s Final Goodbye To Kurama

The day has arrived that honestly no Naruto fan would have wanted to see. Naruto says final goodbye to his oldest friend, Kurama. This time, there won’t be any kind of resurrection, Kurama is truly gone.

Boruto Episode 218 starts off with Isshiki applying Karma mark on Kawaki. Isshiki thinks that now he would be revived in Kawaki’s body, but what he didn’t know is that Kawaki was using shadow clone. So the Karma mark don’t really worked on a clone.

Sasuke Loses Rinnegan

After defeating Isshiki, Sasuke let his guard down as he was thinking the threat has been eliminated. Momoshiki who is residing in Boruto took that opportunity to attack Sasuke’s rinnegan, as this was the only way to teleport others to the Shinobi world.

Apparently, Momoshiki wants to sacrifice Kawaki for his plans. Thankfully, at the last moment Boruto gets his control back of his body before Momoshiki escapes with Kawaki.

Kurama’s Goodbye

As we already know from the previous episode, Baryon Mode uses immense chakra, and after one use it will take the user’s life. Naruto had lost consciousness after using all the chakra. As he wakes up, he finds Kurama besides him. Thinking that this might be the last time they will see each other, both Naruto and Kurama reconcile each other.

Naruto thanks Kurama that he was always like a brother to him since he was a child. Kurama says that when he was a ball of hatred when he met Naruto, and that Naruto was different from other humans who always saw Jhinchuriki as a source of power. Naruto was the first human to call them with their names.

Naruto still thinks that he is the one who is dying, but Kurama than explains the situation. Kurama also warns Naruto to be careful as he won’t be that strong now that he doesn’t have unlimited chakra of Kurama.

Episode 218 was an emotional roller coaster for fans, and I think studio Pierrot did really well adapting the final goodbye between Naruto and Kurama.

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  1. Kurama did not say he won’t be that strong. He said he won’t have the monstrous superhuman strength. Naruto without kurama is way stronger same way.

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