One Piece Chapter 1033 Spoilers & Raw Scans Released

The New chapter reveals more about the Zoro’s swords and their past. Sanji and his family is from “Lunarian Race” which was destroyed. One Piece chapter 1033 spoilers are already out. Here is the release date, raw scans and spoilers for chapter 1033 of One Piece.

What happened in Chapter 1032?

The chapter 1032 started off with Marco carrying Izo. They went pass big mom while flying. One thing to note is that Big Mom seems injured and bruised to the extent which was never seen before in the manga.

In the next scene, we move to the 2nd floor where Apoo was following Yamato, Fuga, one of the numbers, was also following Yamato. At that moment, Brook and Robin fell on Fuga’s hair. The cp0 agents that were following them were swallowed by the flame Yokai, which is passing through the walls, and going to the basement where explosives are.

The cp0 agents wanted to chase after Robin again, however, Apoo started to take pictures of them, as he wanted to sell them to Big News Morgan. One of the cp0 agents punches Apoo, and he gets badly hurt. In the next scene, we see Drake arriving where Apoo is lying injured. The cp0 agent says that he knows the identity of Drake, and tries to attack him. Drake and Apoo team up to fight the masked cp0 agent.

After that, we move to Zoro vs. King fight. Zoro is having a hard time against King (the right hand man of Kaido). King then turns into a flying dinosaur by stretching his neck. He then shoots a beam towards Zoro, which Zoro could not dodge. Zoro tries to counter attack him, but King dodges all the attack due to his superior speed. Zoro even uses “Great Dragon Twister”, which gets blocked by King.

King reverts back to his normal form, and attacks with his sword. He says to Zoro that he wants to enjoy a good fight. Zoro notices that King is not hurt at all, even after all the powerful attacks. He is wondering about King’s race, and about his wings. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he can’t win against King without knowing the true identity of King’s race.

In the final part, shamisen voice is heard in the castle. Enma reacts to shamisen, sucking out Zoro’s haki. Orochi also heard the shamisen, he is afraid that enemies might have found him, however, he sees Komurasaki playing. Orochi is very happy to see her, he thinks that this must be a dream that Komurasaki came back to him. In fact, Orochi has tears in his eyes while witnessing this scene. Hiyori (Komurasaki) says that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Orochi.

One Piece 1033 Spoilers

  • One Piece chapter 1033 is titled “Shimotsuki Kozaburo”.
  • Zoro is attacking King, but there an explosion happened
  • Sanji vs Queen fight is still going on.
  • Queen says “That guy (Vinsmoke Judge) is a survivor of the lunarian race, that was destroyed. The lunarian race was such monsters that they can survive in any enviroment in the world.
  • Sanji ask Queen that why were they exterminated? “Ask him yourself” Queen replies.
  • Zoro vs King. Zoro survived the explosion by using his color of arms haki. He then attacks King with “Shishishi Sonson”, but that attack does nothing to King, who then counter attacks.
  • Zoro’s swords then begin to fall from the island. He then remembers something from his past.
  • He remembers that Hitetsu said Kuina and Enma were created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo. Zoro than thinks to himself that why these swords ended up in east blue?
  • Zoro remembers that Kozaburo said that each sword has his own personality. Weak swordsmen can not control these swords, so they are afraid of them. Thus, they are called “cursed” swords. Zoro discovered that Kozaburo was Kuina’s (childhood friend) grandfather.
  • (Still Zoro thinking) What I lack is power (strength)!! Is it possible that Oden was able to use you even when you aborbed so much Haki? Enma, Is that right?
  • (Beast pirates try to attack Zoro) “What should I do? Should I control my Haki? No, I will give you all the Haki you want!!” Zoro says.
  • The beast pirates that were trying to attack Zoro, fall unconscious.
  • King says to Zoro that is he really trying to become a ‘King’ (don’t know what he means by that).
  • Zoro replies that he has made a promise with his captain and his best friend. The chapter ends.

One Piece 1033 Raw Scans

One Piece 1032 raw scans are not released yet. We will update it here, once the raw scans for chapter 1033 are available.

Chapter 1033 Release Date

One Piece chapter 1033 is scheduled to be released on Nov 28, 2021. Thankfully, there are no breaks this week for One Piece manga.

Mostly, One Piece manga goes on the 1 week break after releasing 3 or 4 chapters. It is understandable that the author takes some break from drawing, as it gives Oda time to think more about the story. Also break from drawing is good for author’s health.

Where to Read manga?

One Piece chapter 1033 will be available on Viz and Manga Plus, as soon as it is released on Nov 28. Please use the official websites to read the manga. We would advise all the One Piece fans to use official means to read the manga, as it helps support the author whom we love and respect.

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