OreGairu Officially Ended. A Perfect Conclusion To A Masterpiece

The Journey that began 7 years ago, has finally ended today with final episode of season 3.

Fans are left with mixed feelings. Some are happy as well as sad because there won’t be a next season to look forward too. Some fans are happy or sad because their favourite girl won or loss. Here is how some fans reacted:

“Oregairu is really something. Really fun anime, you can learn stuff about things and such. Just watch it bro’s and brodettes because this anime will go down to history”

“Why am I crying? Seeing them flirt gave me so much life even the small details from just sitting closer to each other was so amazing. Really loved the scene where he gave his hand out to yukino and his inner thoughts were i’m always give my hand out to her”

Will there be more of OreGairu?

Yes, light novel Oregairu shin which is covering the story of their 3rd year in highschool has been announced. In fact, first volume was released yesterday but you have to wait a while before the translated version comes out.

There was also an OVA announcement couple of months ago, so fans have a lots of content to look forward to.

How Fans Reacted to the finale?

This series has always been an emotional rollercoster for fans. This is not a popular series like mainstream anime but for people who like romantic comedy or slice of life anime, it is one of the best series out there. One of the fans expressed his feelings as follow

Another fan thank the author watari wataru for making this masterpiece

2 thoughts on “OreGairu Officially Ended. A Perfect Conclusion To A Masterpiece

  1. I loved the whole series. And yeah I felt sad for Yui but I’m happy for Yuki and Hikki. The last episode was awesome and really romantic in its own way. The way Hikki gave his hand to Yuki, the dance with the sensei, Yuki’s Confession and the last problem for the club, that all incidents made me emotional and it was heart felt. Feel so sad that the series is ending but it was really a amazing anime. Hope there will be a OVA or two…

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