Why Hunter x Hunter Is Not Coming Back Any Time Soon

Hunter x Hunter or I should say Hiatus x Hiatus manga is now close to completing 3 years without a new chapter release. The last episode of the anime was released on Septermber 2014, so it has been more than 6 years for anime break as well. When will Hunter x Hunter anime or manga return? Here is everything we know about it.

Why Hunter x Hunter manga is on Hiatus?

Chapter 390 was the final chapter of Hunter x Hunter before the manga went on Hiatus. The chapter 390 was released on November 26, 2018. Since then, the manga has been on Hiatus.

The main reason behind Hunter x Hunter hiatus is the author’s declining health. The series creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, suffers from chronic debilitating back pain for years now. This condition forces the author to take multiple breaks from drawing. Togashi several times spoke about his condition to fans:

The worst part of back pain is that it’s only after it gets a little better that you can go to the hospital. When your pain is a ten on a sale of one to teen, you can’t move your body even a centimeter throughout the night.

Will Hunter x Hunter manga ever gets finished?

Togashi has said several times that he wants to finish the manga, no matter how much time it takes. Some fans have suggested that the author should let someone else draw the manga for him, with him giving the guidelines. The good news is that the author has not given up from making a comeback and fans are looking forward to it.

Togashi’s wife, Naoko Takeuchi is also renowned mangaka herself. She is the creator of the popular series, Sailor Moon. So, there is this possibility that Naoko Takeuchi could finish her husband’s work, but at the moment Togashi want’s to finish the manga himself.

Is there enough material for new anime season?

Hunter x Hunter last anime episode adapted the chapter 339 of the manga, so there are currently 51 chapters of the manga available, which is not enough for a whole new anime season.

Is Hunter x Hunter movie possible?

A canon movie for Hunter x Hunter is not possible due to lack of material. The 51 chapters that haven’t been adapted into an anime yet, have little to no fights or action scenes. Yes, 51 chapters of the manga have no fights. It looks like Togashi deliberately slowed the manga pacing to develop more characters.

However, a non canon movie is still a possibility. Given the popularity of the series, there is little to no chance that movie won’t be profitable. Fans will have to wait and see, whether we will ever get to see the Dark Continent Arc in our life time or not?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 When?

Let us imagine for a moment that Togashi starts writing today, and he writes weekly for a whole year without any break. Then there will be enough material for a new season.

A 24 episode anime generally takes 1 and a half year to be produced, so season 7 most likely will get a release date of 2024.

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  1. I’m so fired up to watch the season 7 but 2 years 2024 is so long i don’t know if it is a fake or not but I hope it’s real I’m waiting 10 years just to watch season 7 until now I’m waiting cause this was my favorite anime. I hope the author will release it in December as Christmas gift from the fans. I hope togashi have a good health to finish this

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